The Great Africa Reading Project

As of early 2015, I am engaged in a longterm project to read one good history of every country in Africa. In a perfect (for me) world, there would exist a comprehensive, recent history of every country in Africa, written by an African scholar and available in English. Since the world is not perfect, I’ll be looking for those four things in my books (recent, in English, African-authored, comprehensive), while recognizing that I won’t always (or even often) get all four.

Thus far:

Angola: Nzinga of Angola, Linda Heywood

Comoros: The Comoro Islands: Struggle against Dependency in the Indian Ocean, M. D. D. Newitt

Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire): Congo: The Epic History of a People, David van Reybrouck

Equatorial Guinea but then not really: Paths in the Rainforest, Jan Vansina

Equatorial Guinea for real: Equatorial Guinea: Colonialism, State Terror, and the Search for Stability, Ibrahim Sundiata

Ethiopia: A History of Ethiopia, 1855-1974, Bahru Zewde

Lesotho: Power in Colonial Africa, Elizabeth Eldredge

Liberia: Another America, James Ciment

Namibia: A History of Namibia, Marion Wallace

South Africa: A History of South Africa, Leonard Thompson and Lynn Berat