Internet Messes You Might Have Missed: A Links Round-Up

Happy Friday, team! The best news from this week is that the NPR Code Switch podcast has finally dropped. You can read an interview with pilot hosts Gene Demby and Shereen Marisol Meraji about their Process here.

Why your brain is not a computer, and calling it one is messing up brain science.

Women in sci-fi are reaching new heights (including some discussion of the Hugos and that whole mess).

Including a mango (or not) in a novel about Pakistan.

In defense of YA love triangles, which represent possible identity choices for the (mostly) heroines. Plus some bonus nose-wrinkling at the near-exclusive heteronormativity of the way these love triangles tend to play out.

People think you’ve stolen their lives for your writing even if you actually haven’t. (I secretly think that the moral of this is steal whatever you want and screw ’em, cause they’re going to be mad at you no matter what you do.) My favorite part of this is what she says about other writers stealing from her life and getting her utterly wrong. FASCINATING.

In case you missed that mess of an essay at the Antioch Review, here’s an excellent response to it over at The Millions.

Oh, and in case you messed that mess of a CAPTAIN AMERICA BEING A NAZI (I ranted about it on Twitter), Jess Plummer over at Panels has some thoughts on it for you, as does teaberryblue on Tumblr.

Plus, some sighing as regards complaints of fan entitlement, from Bibliodaze and Megan Purdy. And a particularly superb piece from the always-superb J. A. Micheline addressing the question of who benefits from this kind of rhetoric (spoiler alert: it’s the dominant power structure!).

“I think ‘Frog and Toad’ was really the beginning of him coming out.” Queering the narrative of Frog and Toad. You’re welcome.

Side-eyes for Tina Fey: A links round-up

Who debunks the debunkers?

Get pumped: NPR’s Code Switch, your source for excellent conversations about race and American culture, will soon be a podcast! The first episode drops May 31st.

Sharing your favorite stories with your kids: An impossibly adorable story starring Luke Skylocker.

A seriously great black feminist roundtable in response to bell hooks’s response to Beyonce’s new music video; and a reminder why it’s awesome to live now and have all these amazing, smart, thoughtful voices available for us to listen to.

Sob! The Toast is closing! Where will I get my art history jokes now?

Tina Fey is kind of being a jerk about racism, but it’s not like you’re surprised. Zeba Blay on being a fan of feminist TV while black.

How writers will steal your life for their books.

Richard Sherman and Eurovision: A Links Round-Up

How the whales have won (at Sea World). Note that this article describes people having their limbs torn off by orcas. Also note that orcas have never killed a human in the wild, I JUST MENTION IT.

“We are not in a golden age of nuance”: A really remarkably good review of Marvel’s Civil War, from Linda Holmes at NPR’s Monkeysee.

We really do seem to talk about trigger warnings more than encounter them, don’t we? Laurie Penny responds to Stephen Fry’s outburst of rage re: trigger warnings.1

Why white people tend to be so terrible about discussing race, and what to do about it.

Okay, I resisted reading this story about a guy adopting a dog in Skyrim, but that was nuts and this story is amazing.

Negotiating a raise while a woman: Advice from McSweeney’s.

Richard Sherman goes undercover as a Lyft driver.

This goddamn election: A frustrated op-ed by Lindy West.

Eurovision is going to be broadcast and streamed in the US for the first time ever, dear God it is all my dreams coming true.

Regarding Asian Americans, representation, and the #whitewashedOUT hashtag.

A thoughtful editorial from Kirkus editor Vicky Smith on identifying character race in reviews.

  1. Note to celebrities: Probably don’t make fun of kids who’ve been sexually abused. It makes you look like a dick.

Gay Stuff in Fandoms: A Links Round-Up

Well, it’s been a nice regular week! I knocked out some library books. I killed some caterpillars (my kill count stands at 29 as of this writing). I hung out with some friends. Sampled mac and cheeses from two different restaurants. Just in general living my best life.

A history of Gay Batman that is everything Pop Culture Happy Hour listeners have come to expect from Glen Weldon. Also, he adorably puts an apostrophe in front of shippers, bless his heart.

Speaking of gay stuff and fandoms (but I repeat myself), Clare of The Literary Omnivore wrote a brilliant and fascinating piece for Lady Business about the secret undergound history of Han Solo/Luke Skywalker slash. Stop by and praise her, please.

STILL speaking of gay stuff and fandoms, and then I swear I’ll move on, here’s an excellent history of femslash on Jezebel. Fair warning, it spoils a bunch of recent shows including Vampire Diaries, The 100, and Empire.

The burden of “themes” when we talk about African literature.

I love college football, but yep: This has to change.

But. But if we have misunderstood dodos so badly, why is there no new picture of what they really looked like, with their skin on?

Why one farm in Kansas gets regular visits from the FBI; or, the craziest thing you will read about IP mapping maybe ever.

Unconscious people don’t want tea: A Metro Police cartoon video about sexual consent (and tea).

Regarding Sherman Alexie’s decision to cancel his event in North Carolina.

Have a fabulous weekend, ducklings!