#24in48 Readathon

Update 7/23/17

Okay, look. I have not been posting a ton of blog updates in this readathon because I’ve been yammering on Twitter BUT: I made a book spine poem, and I am so proud of it that I need to share it with you. Look at this business.

Here is a transcript of my faboo poem. It is called “music of the ghosts.” You can tell that’s the title because I have helpfully set it off with the opposite side of the book spine. I have done the same for the stanzas.

music of the ghosts

the dearly departed
the killing moon

when morning comes
phantom pains
kill the boy band

no one is coming to save us

You. Are. Welcome.

WE ARE DOING THIS, BLOGOSPHERE. I happened to see my pal Janani posting about this readalong, and I happened to have a weekend with some free time, and the rest is history. As usual, I have a normal and reasonable number of books lined up to potentially read. Moderation is my middle name.

I need to read The Education of Margot Sanchez for sure as it will soon be falling due at the library, and I’m guessing that these novellas are going to get knocked out pretty quickly too. Aside from that, any recommendations?