The Future of Football: A Links Round-Up

IT IS FRIDAY. Every week is a thousand years long, and I have a weird SF video thing to share with you first:

What will football look like in the future (the far, far future)? SB Nation has a go at figuring it out.

Following the death of Otto Wambier, journalist and Korea expert Suki Kim argues that tourism to North Korea serves no legitimate purpose.

Some people get very mad when JK Rowling says stuff about Harry Potter. My pal Ben Lindbergh argues at The Ringer that there’s no point being mad about it.

This movie review is magical. I loved every word of it, from the first line all the way through to the ending. Props.

This book review is also magical. Reviews are magic. Thank you, God, for giving us reviews like these.

Three books about (kind of) One Direction fandom that sound great. And I mean, one of them is great. Cause I read it. And I really liked it.

Janet Mock on “pretty privilege,” which is for sure a real thing.

In honor of the Fourth of July, Karan Mahajan writes about the American institution of small talk (and its trickiness to master).

Juliet Litman weighs in on the mess that the Bachelor franchise has made of itself.

The Public Religion Research Institute has a new study about the way Americans in different demographics perceive discrimination in this country and what should be done about it.

This story about the Philip Pullman bid in Authors for Grenfell Tower will never not make me teary.

What are the books that colleges are giving incoming freshman to read? My main takeaway from this article is that everyone else got to read awesome stuff and we had to read goddamn Fast Food Nation.

Have a great weekend, my lovelies! I will be making homemade Oreos, editing podcast, constructing a dollhouse, and hopefully getting some reading done and WATCHING BLACK SAILS OMG.

Reading the End Bookcast, Ep. 84: A Conversation with Zan Romanoff

What a damn Wednesday we are having (said Jenny every podcast Wednesday until the world ended). If you need a break from World Events, of which there are just way too many frankly, we’ve got an especially excellent podcast for you today. We welcomed Zan Romanoff, author of the new YA novel Grace and the Fever, to the podcast, and talked to her about fandom, teenage girls, and how Christopher Nolan is trolling her personally. We had minor technical difficulties when recording, so occasionally you’ll hear a small echo or tiny delay — apologies! My fault! Have a listen using the embedded player below or download the file directly here to take with you on the go.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

For the spoiler-shy, I am happy to report that we do not spoil Grace and the Fever, which is about a girl who’s obsessed with boy band Fever Dream, and a conspiracy theorist that two of the band members are in luuuuuurv; and then she meets! one of! the band members! It is fantastic, and you can listen to this podcast without fear that you will be spoiled.

Here is Trash Mouse Louis at an Arby’s (in his socks, reports Zan). And here, for those unfamiliar with One Direction, is Zan’s extensive explainer of the One Direction phenomenon, over at One Week One Band.

You can find Zan on Twitter at @zanopticon, and the book, Grace and the Fever, is out now from Random Penguin!

Get at me on Twitter, email the podcast, and friend me (Gin Jenny) and Whiskey Jenny on Goodreads, as well as Ashley. Or if you wish, you can find us on iTunes (and if you enjoy the podcast, give us a good rating! We appreciate it very very much).

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