Something on Sunday: 2/11/18

Happy Sunday! Despite feeling exhausted and fed up with my choices this week, I realize looking back on it that it included a lot of terrific things. Let’s review, and then y’all can tell me what’s been good in your lives this week.

Happy about

My new record shelf! This one here:

record shelf!

I have been wanting this for a while — ever since I moved, my record player has just been upstairs on top of a bookshelf, and my records have been in boxes — and I finally had the budget available to buy it! I love the way it looks, and it’s also given me some ideas for how Future Jenny can attain a better lighting plan in the living room.

Also, I have been listening to Diana Ross and the Supremes while I write (see next item), which has obviously been awesome.

Proud of

Reaching one of my writing goals for the month of February! I’ve given myself a fairly modest 10,000 monthly writing goal (which includes blog posts such as these), and this month I stipulated that 5000 of those words had to be fiction. As of yesterday, I reached 5000 words of fiction, which included finishing up a 10,000-word story I wrote my friend Ashley for the Tiny Friendship Yuletide that me and her and Whiskey Jenny did amongst ourselves.

(“But Jenny, shouldn’t you have given that to her on Christmas?” YES WELL WE DON’T ALWAYS MANAGE THINGS ON TIME DO WE.)

Looking forward to

Watching Black Sails with one of my oldest friends! She moved from Louisiana to California a few years ago, and I miss her terribly. This past week, we made a Google Hangout and watched Black Sails at the same time while chattering all the while about how magnetic Toby Stephens is in this role. It was terrific, and we’re planning to do it again this week, and I can’t wait.

Inspired by

This Twitter thread about nominating for awards even if you have imposter syndrome. As a first-time Hugo Award nominator, I have terrible imposter syndrome, but Fonda Lee has inspired me to set it aside and just get on with my nominations! (Also her book was really good and I am for sure nominating it for a Hugo.)

What’s been keeping you going this week? Tweet at me, leave it in the comments, or link up your own post below!