The best linguistics link I have ever linked: A links round-up

THIS IS LATE and many of these links are now old, but hopefully you will still love me. You do, right? Just in case, I’ve made my first link super fascinating. And also, let me point out that today is Oscar Wilde’s birthday! Happy birthday, my dearest Oscar Wilde!

The rules for inventing a ship name, using linguistics.

Romance author KJ Charles on how to take an edit.

Tired of making fun of Jonathan Franzen? I’M NOT.

Brian Friel, author of Translations and numerous other plays, and virtually the only Irish author I’ve ever loved, has died.

Did I mention that Mary Beard has a new history of Rome that exists out there in the world? She does, and I cannot wait to read it.

Jenny Diski, again. Just assume I’ll always link to Jenny Diski’s writing every time she writes anything.

Okay, guys, I know that Stephenie Meyer is not that good a writer and this book won’t be good BUT: Don’t you think it will be interesting to see how all this plays with the genders swapped? I consider that it will be of substantial sociological interest TO ME. Meanwhile you can read a live-tweeting of it under the hashtag #sparkletime here.

Meg Rosoff said some dumb things about diversity in children’s books and then kept doubling down on it even though it would have been much better for her to shush. Sigh.

You should buy the Hamilton cast recording: A links round-up

If you haven’t yet listened to the Hamilton cast recording, you are not living your best life. It’s out today for digital download, and you should buy it. As of this posting, you can also stream it on NPR First Listen.

Did you miss my linguistics nerdery? Great news: Here’s an article about how language shapes our brains.

Jenny Zhang on being a writer of color and the Best American Poetry mess.

If you like Return of the Jedi but hate the Ewoks, you understand feminist criticism.

Remembering to use a trans person’s preferred pronouns is no harder than remembering to use a woman’s married name: An appeal for good manners.

A high fantasy novel without incestuous subtext.

Awesome Person Sofia Samatar interviews Awesome Person Sarah McCarry about monster girls.

I heave enormous sighs every time I read about the Stonewall movie: Learning about Stonewall was my way into intersectional feminism, way back in high school, and I want there to be an awesome movie about it. But want must be my master. Here’s the wonderful Meredith Talusan on trans erasure.

Also: Stonewall is apparently terrible. A real stinker.

I gazed blankly at the news that Ta-Nehisi Coates is going to write a run on Black Panther for Marvel, for like twenty seconds. It sounds like the kind of joke somebody would make to illustrate why Marvel is so much better than DC. BUT IT IS REAL.

Strunk and White, grammar cops.