A podcast misfortune

When we first started the podcast, our producer told us that we would someday lose an entire podcast. There would be a problem with the audio, or our computers would crash at an inopportune moment, and the podcast would be lost to us.

Friends, today is that day. We tried to use an online tool to make it easier to welcome our special guest star, and it didn’t make it easier, and the audio is unlistenable. Whiskey Jenny’s audio is the worst because it fades in and out in a weird way, but all three of us sound like terrible crackly chipmunks.

So you’ll never know what we thought of Salt Houses, by Hala Alyan (we liked it but we had some notes). You’ll never know what we feel makes a perfect book club (systems of checks and balances), and you’ll never hear Whiskey Jenny’s literary cheese-themed game. I’m sorry. It had to happen sometime, and today was that sometime.

A podcast day with no podcast

Whiskey Jenny and I extend our sincere apologies: Here it is podcast day, and we have no podcast to give you. We are experiencing technical difficulties, and we greatly fear that our most recent podcast was swallowed up by a malfunctioning computer. It was a really good one. Whiskey Jenny made up a game, and we had a special guest star in to talk with us about mysteries. We are pretty sad, but we haven’t given up hope that we’ll recover that podcast and be able to share it with you soon.