Just Gonna Split These Down the Middle: A Links Round-Up

Welp, another Friday, another week of sexual assault revelations. Since I’m guessing some of y’all are tired of reading even quite excellent cultural commentary about sexual predators, I’m going to split these links up for you. Here’s the ones that don’t contain any sexual assault:

It’s the year of our Lord 2017, and we are just now publishing the first translation of the Odyssey by a woman. (Buy it! The physical book is really beautiful!)

Angelica Jade Bastien on Now Voyager

I never don’t click on articles about the medieval historians trying to fend off Nazis. (Poor medieval historians! They really do not want Nazis at their luau.)

Men elevate foods; women ruin them. (It’s about gender bias, but not sexual assault. Yay?)

An excellently stern rebuttal to Francine Prose’s stupid piece in the New York Review of Books. I do not like Francine Prose.

Thor: Ragnarok, a movie I loved, is nevertheless fairly muddled as to its message about Empire. Noah Berlatsky unpacks some of that. But see also Gavia Baker-Whitelaw.

“Write because they are cutting out our tongues.” This piece is not about sexual assault, but it is about totalitarianism in the Philippines.

And then here are the links that are about sexual assault (partly or entirely). If you’re only going to read one of these, pick the first one. It’s real good.

How sexual harassment stories are like ghost stories, a horrifyingly accurate analysis by Jess Zimmerman.

The author of a new book about college football (FSU in particular) says scandal follows “where the excessive devotion is.” Shitdamn that’s a good point.

Alexander Chee on Kevin Spacey’s glib, yucky “coming-out” and what it says about his attitude toward the gay community.

Nobody needs to give a shit about Louie CK’s artistic legacy.

Have a great weekend! Chill outside if the weather is nice where you are! Cuddle up with a blanket and some hot cocoa if not!

Fall Entertainment: A Links Round-Up

Okay, last week was all out of wack, so I didn’t round up as many links as usual. A bunch of y’all have asked where to give money and how to help with the recent flooding in my home state, so here’s a round-up of places where you can give. Big hugs to all the kind people who’ve gotten in touch to check on me and my family — you’re sweet, and we’re fine, just trying to find ways to help the areas that got hit hard.

When immigrants tell their own stories, they do a better job than when other people tell their stories. SHOCKING. Also, I am super pumped to read Behold the Dreamers. I haven’t read enough litrature by Cameroonian authors!

Vulture’s got their fall entertainment generator again! I love this thing. You can sort by FEELINGS and I LOVE FEELINGS.

Speaking of which, if you’re having feelings about Nate Parker, Birth of a Nation, and the rape charges against Parker from his college years, April Reign has a great piece at Essence on consent and remorse. Vulture has a roundtable on the question of Is It Still Okay to See Birth of a Nation? Ugh okay and I can’t stop adding things on to here but we live in an amazing age for cultural criticism, so also here’s Noah Berlatsky on separating the art from the artists and the wondrous Morgan Jenkins on the complexities of the case.

The guy who wrote I Kissed Dating Goodbye is slightly, but not totally, sorry.

A book about which I felt politely(ish) horrified at first and now find really deeply annoying because the more famous and praised it becomes, the more it feels exploitative of actual survivors of rape, has been optioned for a TV series. Like maybe talk to some survivors of childhood sexual abuse before making this show, producers.

A primer on what’s going on with the Hugos, and what WorldCon is doing to fix them.

Ruth Ware on the reason she always writes unreliable narrators (it’s because they’re the most honest kind).1

Happy Friday to you all, and have an excellent weekend!

  1. I know. I know. She just blew your mind.