Mizzou’s football team is forcing me to like them (again): A links round-up

How to Compliment a Guy. New York Mag continues to do such important cultural work. Also, this is a thousand percent true: Girls compliment each other all the time. Guys only get compliments if they have beards or cool cars.

You’ve shut up about Hamilton yet, or nah? NOPE. The AV Club has some praise to heap upon that show for its portrayal of women.

How to apologize.

Brazil’s war on poverty suggests that giving cash to poor families is a good way to reduce poverty. Also, having a good economy. So, not shocking?

I’m obsessed with financial practicalities, as you’ll know if you spend any amount of time day-to-day talking with me, so this article about where various indie sites get their money from is fascinating to me. You should also click on Nicole Cliff’s Storify about funding The Toast.

The more regency dances you learn, the more you start to understand why the waltz seemed like such a scandal.

Chile admits that Pablo Neruda may have been murdered by the Pinochet regime. Um, wut? Is — should we follow up on that in some way?

Mainly just bookmarking this article about wedding dresses so that when I want to describe a type of sleeve, I’ll have this article’s handy sleeve diagram handy.

If you’re wondering about all that business going down in Missouri, Code Switch has a round-up of good articles about the whole situation; or, in which Mizzou’s football team again forces me to like them even though my policy is to hate all SEC teams except for my own.

You should buy the Hamilton cast recording: A links round-up

If you haven’t yet listened to the Hamilton cast recording, you are not living your best life. It’s out today for digital download, and you should buy it. As of this posting, you can also stream it on NPR First Listen.

Did you miss my linguistics nerdery? Great news: Here’s an article about how language shapes our brains.

Jenny Zhang on being a writer of color and the Best American Poetry mess.

If you like Return of the Jedi but hate the Ewoks, you understand feminist criticism.

Remembering to use a trans person’s preferred pronouns is no harder than remembering to use a woman’s married name: An appeal for good manners.

A high fantasy novel without incestuous subtext.

Awesome Person Sofia Samatar interviews Awesome Person Sarah McCarry about monster girls.

I heave enormous sighs every time I read about the Stonewall movie: Learning about Stonewall was my way into intersectional feminism, way back in high school, and I want there to be an awesome movie about it. But want must be my master. Here’s the wonderful Meredith Talusan on trans erasure.

Also: Stonewall is apparently terrible. A real stinker.

I gazed blankly at the news that Ta-Nehisi Coates is going to write a run on Black Panther for Marvel, for like twenty seconds. It sounds like the kind of joke somebody would make to illustrate why Marvel is so much better than DC. BUT IT IS REAL.

Strunk and White, grammar cops.